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This is done through firstly, identifying people with active TB, and then curing them through the provision of drug treatment.

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If someone is not on treatment, then precautions such as cough etiquette, must be taken to prevent TB spreading from one adult to another. As a result it is then more likely that globally the number of people developing active TB will increase rather than decrease.

There are several other TB prevention activities. There is a vaccine for TB, but it makes only a small contribution to TB prevention. It does little to interrupt the transmission of TB among adults. TB is caused when a person breathes in TB bacteria that are in the air. So it is important that people with TB, who are not on effective treatment, do not release TB bacteria into the air when they cough.

Cough etiquette means that if you have TB, or you might have TB, then when you cough you should cover your mouth and nose with a tissue. You should put your used tissue in a bin.

How to prevent TB

You should not cough into your hands. After you have coughed you should wash your hands. The BCG vaccine has been shown to provide children with excellent protection against the disseminated forms of TB. However protection against pulmonary TB in adults is variable. TB education is necessary for people with TB. They also need to know how to make sure that they do not pass TB on to other people. But TB education is also necessary for the general public. The public needs to know basic information about TB for a number of reasons including reducing the stigma still associated with TB.

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Isoniazid is a cheap drug, but in a similar way to the use of the BCG vaccine, it is mainly used to protect individuals rather than to interrupt transmission between adults. This is because children rarely have infectious TB, and it is hard to administer isoniazid on a large scale to adults who do not have any symptoms.

Taking isoniazid daily for six months is difficult in respect of adherence, and as a result many individuals who could benefit from the treatment, stop taking the drug before the end of the six month period. There have also been concerns about the possible impact of TB treatment for prevention programmes on the emergence of drug resistance.

However, a review of the scientific evidence has now shown that there is no need for this to be a concern.

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  • The benefit of isoniazid preventative therapy for people living with HIV, and who have, or may have had latent TB, has also recently been emphasized. In order to reduce exposure in households where someone has infectious TB, the following actions should be taken whenever possible:.

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    Educating people about TB is also an important part of TB prevention, as well as ensuring that people who need treatment receive it as soon as possible. It is not fully known how differences between drug susceptible, and drug resistant TB, as well as HIV status, affect the risk of TB transmission.

    However it is thought that people with drug resistant TB remain infectious for much longer, even if treatment has been started, and this may prolong the risk of transmission in the household.

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    Face masks are different from respirators and can be made from either cloth or paper. A face mask worn by someone with infectious TB can help to prevent the spread of M. The face mask can capture large wet particles near the mouth and nose of the patient, preventing the bacteria from being released into the environment. Cloth masks can be sterilized and reused.

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    The use of a face mask does not protect health care workers against TB, and so a health care worker or other staff should not wear a face mask in a household or indeed in a health care setting. Respirators can protect health care workers from inhaling M.

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    Before drug treatment for TB became available, removing TB patients from their homes and putting them in isolation in sanatoria, was the main way of reducing the transmission of TB.

    This is because drug treatment quickly makes a TB patient uninfectious, and most household contacts who do become infected, will have already become infected before the diagnosis of TB has been made. So generally there is now no need for people to leave their homes because they have TB.

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  • The only exception to this is, as described above, when someone has infectious XDR TB, and it is not feasible to isolate them at home. Also people may still need to go into a health care facility because there are complications arising from their condition, or their treatment.

    Within a health care facility there may be a need for some separation of people in order to reduce the chances of transmission. The measures described above also mainly apply to resource poor settings, and the recommendations can be different where more resources are available.

    Doctors and other health care workers who provide care for patients for TB, must follow infection control procedures to ensure that TB infection is not passed from one person to another.

    TB precautions, cough etiquette

    Every country should have infection control guidance which clearly needs to take into account local facilities and resources, as well as the number of people being provided with care. However, infection control guidance must not only be written but also implemented. Geneva, World Health Organization, www. TB precautions, cough etiquette TB is caused when a person breathes in TB bacteria that are in the air.

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    Culture positive MDR TB patients who cough should always practice cough etiquette including use of masks and respiratory hygiene when in contact with people. Ideally health service providers should wear respirators when attending patients with infectious MDR TB in enclosed spaces; Ideally, family members living with HIV, or family members with strong clinical evidence of HIV infection, should not provide care for patients with culture positive MDR TB; Children below five years of age should spend as little time as possible in the same living spaces as culture positive MDR TB patients.

    TB prevention in health care facilities Doctors and other health care workers who provide care for patients for TB, must follow infection control procedures to ensure that TB infection is not passed from one person to another.

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